We strongly believe that the air we breathe and release into the environment should be clean. That’s why we’re committed to providing you with simple, resource-saving solutions for clean air every day. Our innovative approach Fresh Air as a Service stands for a holistic solution that ensures clean air!

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From planning to daily use of your building or your ventilation and exhaust systems, there are big differences.

Whether sports, industrial, production, storage or multi-purpose halls, schools, universities and office buildings, hospitals or medical practices – the Frischluftmanager supports you as a building operator, plant owner or maintenance company in optimizing all processes related to air quality in a simple and resource-saving way.

Want to know how your air quality is doing? Do you have the right air filters in use and available in time?

Using the latest measuring technology, we visualize the invisible factors of your indoor air. We determine important data such as dynamic pressure difference, energy consumption and various air quality values (CO2, PM2.5, VOCs, radon, temperature and humidity) and examine processes such as filter changes and system runtimes – all without complex installations or network connections.

Is your plant or process optimally matched to your needs? Where can resources be saved? We look into these questions and make sure that your system not only runs smoothly, but also optimally. Whether it’s air quality, filter changes, or data-driven improvements to equipment uptime, we put your needs first.

Excellent air quality is your added value that needs to be communicated. With our “live dashboards” and detailed evaluations, you can overview the condition of your indoor air at any time and easily share this data with your customers and employees. With you, the “coast is clear” – and we show it!

“The actoVent team is professional, knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our satisfaction. I can only recommend actoVent with its Frischluftmanager to any company that wants to improve its processes around filter ordering and filter availability.”

“We, at the Mobiliar Arena in Gümmligen, are thrilled with actoVent and its Frischluftmanager. A sensational product where we are very happy to support!”

“The Frischluftmanager is a super product that we recommend to any gym owner.”

“The cooperation with actoVent is uncomplicated and reliable. We were impressed by your professional and efficient way of working. The Frischluftmanager helps us save time and resources. We can unreservedly recommend actoVent and their Frischluftmanager and look forward to further cooperation.”

“With the innovative measurement technology in the fresh air manager, we can measure specifically where it is needed – without cabling or complex network access. From continuous air quality monitoring to showing potential energy savings or space utilization, we get detailed, real-time values. The alarm function and the clear dashboard make it easy for us to implement the right measures for an optimal working environment.”

“Continuous monitoring with the Frischluftmanager ensures that our employees will continue to find good air quality and that energy efficiency is ensured.”

“We are thrilled with the results and can recommend the Fresh Air Manager to anyone looking for simple, effective and efficient solutions for better indoor air in climbing and bouldering gyms.”

“actoVent always delivers reliably and at the agreed time to our company headquarters or, if requested by us, directly to the maintenance site.”

“We have been relying on actoVent’s Frischluftmanager for several years. The filters required for our customers’ ventilation systems are always delivered to us automatically and in time for the maintenance months stored in the system. It’s a service we don’t want to do without.”

“actoVent’s Frischluftmanager helps us to keep our customers’ maintenance appointments on time and to comply with the contractually agreed maintenance intervals.”

“Thanks to actoVent’s Frischluftmanager, we have significantly simplified our filter procurement and replacement process. The automated ordering, clean, plant-appropriate packaging, and timely delivery of replacement filters are a big win for us. It saves us time and money.”

Fresh air as a service? With the FRESH AIR MANAGERS this is a reality!

Need a solution for better air quality? The Frischluftmanager offers you:

  • Comprehensive analysis of your air quality, air filter and filter change processes.
  • Optimizing your clean air operations and energy efficiency.
  • Visualize and communicate your achieved air standards.
The fresh air manager from actoVent

From theory to practice: discover our application areas, success stories and latest news here.

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Everything from one source

Your platform for all stakeholders – we give you access to a wide range of partners and solutions on one user interface.


The wide network of suppliers, service and technology partners enables us to offer the products and services that are right for you.


From consumable products such as air filters or V-belts, to maintenance and cleaning companies, to the latest measurement technology – the range of products in the Frischluftmanager is unique.


We offer you your individual solution for clean air.

Set your goals with us – we’ll do the rest!


You want to know more about the Frischluftmanager or “Fresh Air as a Service”?

Write to us – we look forward to hearing from you.

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