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The challenge of maintenance companies when changing filters

Air filters play a crucial role in the operation of ventilation and air conditioning systems. Maintenance companies face various challenges when ordering and replacing filters. From timely availability to efficient warehousing, correct order picking to quick and easy filter changes at the customer’s site – the list of potential problem areas is long.

1. timely order, flexibility and availability.

Maintenance companies face the dilemma of ordering air filters in time to avoid unnecessary waiting times or postponements. On the other hand, you have to be able to react flexibly to disruptions or start-ups with your personnel. The challenge lies in issues such as order reminders, storage space capacity, fire load or damage to air filters.

2. storage and space requirement

The storage of different types of filters requires not only space, but also accurate management to ensure that the filters are available on time to each customer and their equipment. The challenge lies in the efficient organization of warehousing.

3. plant-compatible packaging, allocation and disposal

Proper packaging of the ordered air filters is essential to avoid damage during transportation. This is a tricky task, especially with large plants and different filter sizes. The filters are usually individually packaged, which makes them difficult to assign to equipment and creates unnecessary packaging waste that has to be disposed of again on site.

4. efficient change – saving time and costs

The assembly of filters on site requires fast and efficient work. Finding the right filter takes time and affects your own costs and customer satisfaction. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can be difficult to keep track of the different types of filters and quickly find the right filter for a specific installation. Filters are installed incorrectly and, in the worst case, individual filters end up missing or do not fit into the respective system.

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The solution for maintenance companies when changing filters

The Frischluftmanager is an innovative solution that addresses precisely the problem areas mentioned and offers customized solutions:

Automated ordering: In addition to the reminder function at scheduled maintenance intervals, the Frischluftmanager offers the possibility of simple monitoring of the filter condition and automatically triggers the ordering of new filters when they are needed.

Optimal storage and flexibility in delivery: With the Frischluftmanager, the air filters are professionally stored 5 weeks before the scheduled maintenance date. The goods picked according to the plant can be called off within 2 to 4 working days during this time. If this does not happen, the goods will be delivered in time for the scheduled date or, if necessary, storage will be extended accordingly. Delivery can be made individually and flexibly to the company headquarters or directly to the respective maintenance location.

Plant-specific packaging: The filters are packaged specifically for the respective plant, which prevents damage and significantly reduces packaging waste. In addition, other products such as V-belts or protective equipment can also be added.

Finding the right filters quickly: The Frischluftmanager makes it easier to find the right filters with clear markings and digital support. The filters are packed per system or filter stage and marked accordingly.

Efficient changeover without searching: The correct filter provision per plant or filter stage speeds up the changeover process, saving time and resources. In addition, there is the option of displaying plant-specific messages on the carton labeling, such as “The new” or “The new”. Telephone number or name of the respective contact person on site etc.

The Frischluftmanager revolutionizes the way maintenance companies order, store and replace air filters. It not only optimizes the process, but also increases efficiency and customer satisfaction. With this innovative solution, maintenance companies have the ability to successfully manage their air filter challenges and ensure smooth operations.

What our customers say about filter procurement with the Frischluftmanager

“As Head of Maintenance and Branch Manager at Dr. Starck Gebäude- und Umwelttechnik GmbH in Darmstadt, I am always on the lookout for ways to improve our processes and the efficiency of our facilities related to the maintenance of building services and exhaust systems.

The actoVent Frischluftmanager was a decisive turning point for us. Frischluftmanager’s comprehensive solution for the procurement, storage and plant-specific commissioning of replacement filters and V-belts, as well as the offer of the simplest measurement technology, has helped us to achieve our goals.

The actoVent team is professional, knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our satisfaction. I can only recommend actoVent with its Frischluftmanager to any company that wants to improve its processes around filter ordering or indoor air quality.”

Wolfgang Menn
Branch Manager and Head of Maintenance

Fa. DR. STARCK Building and Environmental Technology GmbH

“Thanks to actovent’s Frischluftmanager, we have significantly simplified our filter procurement and change process. The automated ordering, clean, plant-appropriate packaging, and timely delivery of replacement filters are a big win for us. It saves us time and money.”

Florian Kunz
Manager Building Services

Building insurance Bern

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