Clean air in climbing and bouldering gyms

“Fresh air as a service” with the Frischluftmanager from actoVent & Camfil air purifiers

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The challenge of climbing and bouldering gyms

A firm, secure grip is very important when climbing and bouldering – dry hands a must. To achieve this good grip feeling, climbers continuously use magnesia powder (“chalk”). The measured total particle concentration (PM1, PM2.5 and PM10) in the ambient air thus rises to 2,000 microgram/m and more at peak times (approx. half of which are respirable PM1 particles). These values correspond to industrial plants exposed to dust. Magnesia powder not only increases the concentration of particulate matter in indoor air, but also binds water – which can lead to increased dry mouth and eye irritation. Not ideal conditions for indoor climbing and for employees who spend all day in the hall. Due to the polluting magnesia powder, the challenge was to improve the indoor air and protect the health of the employees with a low energy input.

The solution

  • Camfil air purifier CC 6000: vertical as free-standing unit in the large hall (476 m/2,800 m)
  • Camfil CC 2000 air purifier: wall-mounted version in one of the smaller secondary halls (287 m/1,150 m)

Benefit | Project success

  • Significant improvement of indoor air quality / reduction of fine dust particles in indoor air (particle reduction of fractions PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 of approx. 70% and more)
  • Improved sense of well-being among athletes, guests and employees
  • Reduced cleaning effort
  • Relief of the existing ventilation system / extension

“After the test, it was clear to all of us that we didn’t want to take something away from our customers again that they had already begun to appreciate”

Nick Mammel
Managing Director

urban apes Boulderquartier Hamburg GmbH

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