Air quality in indoor sports facilities – from bouldering halls to fitness studios and gyms

The Frischluftmanager by actoVent – simply clean air in indoor sports facilities

The challenge for air quality in indoor sports facilities

Clean and fresh air is not only crucial for health, safety and athletic performance outdoors, but especially in closed sports facilities such as fitness studios, bouldering and climbing halls or gyms.

Why is good air quality so important in indoor sports? During sport, people breathe more intensively and take in more air – and therefore also potential pollutants. Poor air quality can lead to headaches, exhaustion and reduced performance. A healthy air climate is therefore essential, especially in rooms where intensive training takes place.

The following challenges are of central importance:

  • Particulate matter pollution during sport due to e.g. Magnesium
  • Increased CO2 concentration or odor formation due to the different number of visitors
  • Energy- and cost-efficient operation due to different utilization of the buildings

From planning to daily or seasonal use, there are therefore major differences that need to be constantly monitored and adjusted.

sporthalle v01
Darstellung der Luftqualitätswerte in der Wettkampfhalle der Weltmeisterschaft Klettern 2023

The solution for air quality in indoor sports facilities

How can the Frischluftmanager help? Our Frischluftmanager is the ideal solution for monitoring and improving the air quality in your sports facility and showing it to your customers and employees:

  • Measuring your current air quality: We identify sources of problems and measure factors such as CO2, particle pollution, temperature and humidity.
  • Your customized solutions: Based on the measurement results, we offer customized solutions – from ventilation plans or the optimization of your existing ventilation systems to mobile air purifiers.
  • Continuous monitoring and automation: With the Frischluftmanager, you can continuously monitor air quality, react quickly to changes and automate processes related to clean air.
  • Communicating your success: With the Frischluftmanager, we help you to show your customers how good the air quality is. From simple QR codes with air quality values and background information on the topic of clean air to digital dashboards, there are no limits to your creativity.
The Frischluftmanager creates facts, helps you find your individual solution for clean air and automates your clean air processes.

What our customers say

“As operators of fitness and cycle studios, good air quality is very important to us for the well-being and, above all, the health of our customers and employees. In our search for the right partner, we quickly came across actoVent. With their Frischluftmanager, they have been a great support to us from the beginning. Their innovative and simple measuring devices have helped us to permanently monitor the air quality and to turn the right “adjusting screws”. Now our employees know when and how to ventilate. And the best part is that we can also save money by setting the systems perfectly and ventilating them properly.
The Frischluftmanager is a sensational product that I recommend to any gym owner.”

“Our successful cooperation with actoVent and the Frischluftmanager has improved the air quality for us and our employees. With the mobile measuring devices, we can see exactly where our challenges are and when we need to bring about an improvement in air quality. In our case, mobile air scrubbers allow us to reduce particulate pollution where it occurs, without complex installations and high costs.

We are thrilled with the results and can recommend the Frischluftmanager to anyone looking for simple, effective and efficient solutions for better indoor air in climbing and bouldering gyms.”

“We, at the Mobiliar Arena in Gümmligen, are thrilled with actoVent and its Frischluftmanager. From days with children’s sports, when rather less people move in the hall, to days when top sports with more than 2000 spectators are practiced, we always have top air quality in our arena. At the same time, we can still save costs because the equipment is always perfectly adjusted. A sensational product where we are very happy to support!”