Our passion is clean air.

Therefore, we have set ourselves the goal of delivering solutions around the procurement of clean air – automatically, optimized and visible!

The plant-specific procurement and storage of products such as air filters or protective products, independent consulting as well as the procurement of maintenance, service and affordable measurement technology – wherever buildings are used or ventilation and extraction systems are in use, we ensure with our fresh air manager that people breathe clean air and polluted air is not released into the environment.

About our career so far

Our company, founded in 2009, is based in Weinstadt near Stuttgart. This is also the home of our warehouse and the development of new services.

2009 Foundation as a specialist wholesaler for residential ventilation.

2016 Specialization in replacement filters with introduction of ‘PFAD’ service for maintenance companies

2021 Digital transformation: Development and introduction of the fresh air manager

2022 Awarded with the German digital Award in the category Digital Commerce: Innovation & Creative Commerce

2022 Foundation of actoVent AG in the Bernese Seeland region

2022 Start membership association Myni Gmeind

2023 Start membership with IAKS: International Association for Sports and Recreation Facilities.

2023 Manager of Clean Air for the World Championship in Sport Climbing in Bern

2023 Nomination for the SAP Innovation Award

The actoVent air quality check!

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