The Frischluftmanager from actoVent – simply clean air in climbing and bouldering halls

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We provide clean air in climbing and bouldering gyms

As Frischluftmanager, our goal is to improve the air quality in climbing and bouldering halls and to protect the health of employees and visitors in the halls.

We help operators measure values such as particulate matter, CO2, VOCs, temperature and humidity and identify optimization potential.

With individual solutions, we support hall operators in improving air quality and optimizing and automating the complete process around clean air.

We are convinced that with the Frischluftmanager we can offer the ideal solution around clean air for climbing and bouldering halls!

Our approach for clean air in climbing and bouldering gyms

In bouldering and climbing gyms, the increased particle concentration and irritation caused by the magnesia powder can lead to discomfort and impairment of working and training conditions.

The measured total particle concentration rises to 2,000 micrograms/m and more at peak times (around 50% of which are respirable particles), which corresponds to values of dust-polluted industrial plants.

With actoVent’s Frischluftmanager we can successfully overcome these problems. The innovative solution is based on three steps:

  1. Measurement of the current air quality: With the help of the sensors of the Frischluftmanager we can make accurate measurements of the fine dust concentration, CO2 content, temperature and humidity. This data allows us to understand the exact quality of the indoor air.
  2. Optimization of ventilation: Based on the measurement results, we can work out an optimal ventilation strategy. This results in a significant decrease in particle concentration and irritation from the magnesia powder.
  3. Automation and monitoring: The Frischluftmanager also offers the option of automatically controlling ventilation (even with existing building control systems), automatically changing replacement products such as air filters as needed, and continuously monitoring air quality. This leads to a constant improvement of the indoor air and climate.

Darstellung der Luftqualitätswerte in der Wettkampfhalle der Weltmeisterschaft Klettern 2023
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What our customers say

“Our successful cooperation with actoVent and the Frischluftmanager has improved the air quality for us and our employees. With the mobile measuring devices, we can see exactly where our challenges are and when we need to bring about an improvement in air quality. In our case, mobile air scrubbers allow us to reduce particulate pollution where it occurs, without complex installations and high costs.

We are thrilled with the results and can recommend the Frischluftmanager to anyone looking for simple, effective and efficient solutions for better indoor air in climbing and bouldering gyms.”

Florian Roth
Managing Director GrindelBoulder AG

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