Air quality and energy efficiency in harmony

For many companies, energy efficiency and good indoor air quality are mutually exclusive.

With the help of Airthings for Business, we were able to demonstrably achieve both with our Frischluftmanager and help our customer reduce energy consumption by around 152,000 kw/h per year!

Luftqualität und Energieeffizienz im Einklang

Optimizing an air handling system for efficient and economical operation without compromising the well-being of the people in the building is not easy.

The challenge

The TGA planning office Krebser und Freyler wanted to improve energy efficiency in a 2000 m2 production hall. To achieve this, the volume flow of the ventilation system should be reduced in order to spend less energy on conditioning the outside air (humidifying and dehumidifying, heating, cooling) – without exposing the building occupants to higher concentrations of potentially harmful substances such as chemicals and fine dust from the air.

The solution

Airthings for Business within the Frischluftmanager.
Thanks to the “plug-and-play” capability of the sensors, the retrofit at the customer’s premises went smoothly. After that, the volume flow was reduced from 108,000m³/h to 96,300m³/h and immediately started to control a wide range of air pollutants such as particulate matter, airborne chemicals, radon and carbon dioxide.

After a period of continuous monitoring via the Airthings Dashboard provided in the Frischluftmanager, the collected data was analyzed.

The result was excellent!

With the help of the Frischluftmanager, Krebser and Freyler was able to effectively reduce the air handling unit flow rate by over 11% and help their customers save 152 MWh/yr of energy(which equates to 152,000 kW/h per year) – all without a noticeable difference in air quality.

Continuous monitoring also ensures that the required air quality is provided in the future with optimized volume flow and energy consumption.

Click here for the complete study (Download PDF)… Airthings case study