Fresh air as a service that saves money and energy

How to reduce energy and costs, provide fresh air, and without much effort?
The answer: with the “Frischluftmanager” from actoVent. But what does it do exactly?

Saving energy and costs, creating conditions suitable for corona, being more sustainably positioned, and taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digital innovation – there is hardly a company at present that does not have to ask itself how all these problems can be reconciled:

In concrete terms, all the companies involved in the process are brought together on a digital platform, and the measured values, such as e.g. Air quality or back pressure differences are displayed in a dashboard and the processes around clean air are optimized based on data. Our customers are provided with a complete system that makes the entire ventilation operation more efficient and relieves them of a lot of work.

To bring our Frischluftmanager to life, we are working with Agilita AG. The SAP system house in Zurich helps SMEs not only to implement SAP solutions quickly and efficiently, but also to create enthusiasm for what is possible with SAP.

Read in the complete article of the Handelszeitung, how the “Mobiliar Arena” in Gümligen near Bern and the ” Gebäudeversicherung Bern ” use the possibilities of the Frischluftmanagerfor themselves.

Click here for the complete article in Handelszeitung No. 47 (Download PDF)… Publireportage_trade_newspaper_Agilita29