actoVent AG new partner of Myni Gmeind

We are pleased to be a new partner of Myni Gmeind.

Founded in 2018, the non-profit association Myni Gmeind supports communities and regions in Switzerland. The supported projects aim to increase the quality of life of residents and the attractiveness as a business and work location, as well as the efficiency of government activities. The Swiss Association of Municipalities has been a partner of the association since 2019. Numerous companies and organizations are involved in projects and with financial support.

With our Frischluftmanager, we help communities to optimize the operation of ventilation and extraction systems in a resource-saving manner. We support municipalities in their digital transformation and in improving the air quality in public buildings such as schools, community centers or multi-purpose halls, easily and permanently, and in showing this to their customers or employees.

From digitized asset management and automatic procurement of consumable products such as filters or V-belts to air quality and filter management, air quality and resource optimization, air quality display and communication. With our network of partners, suppliers and service providers, we bring everything onto one digital platform in the Frischluftmanager – vendor-neutral and tailored to the individual needs of each community.

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