Air quality in schools and universities

“Thick air” at school or university? The Frischluftmanager creates facts and clean air!

The quality of the air we breathe in learning environments is crucial for our ability to concentrate, our well-being and our health.

Poor air quality can lead to headaches, nausea and a general feeling of discomfort. It can even trigger the infamous “sick building syndrome”, in which absences due to illness rise sharply.

A common cause of poor indoor air quality is a high CO2 content. Research from Harvard University has shown that improving indoor air quality can improve the cognitive abilities of pupils and students by an impressive 101%. This not only leads to a healthier learning environment, but also to better concentration and increased performance.

The Frischluftmanager helps you to ensure optimum air quality in schools or universities. We analyze and optimize your air quality and support you in your clean air processes. We make sure that your ventilation and extraction systems are optimally adjusted and that the right air filters are used. We monitor your air quality in real time and adjust the ventilation to suit the number of users and the activities taking place.

So you can concentrate on doing what you do best: teaching or learning!

The benefits of good air quality in schools and universities

  • Health: Clear air reduces the risk of illness and increases general vitality.
  • Concentration: Fresh air promotes concentration and performance.
  • Cognitive function: According to studies, good ventilation and lighting are crucial for optimal cognitive function.
  • Mental well-being: Clean air reduces stress and contributes to happiness.

How the Frischluftmanager supports you

  • Simplicity: Uncomplicated installation with plug & play solutions, ideal for schools and universities (no cabling or network connection).
  • Vendor neutrality: We find the best solutions for you without brand loyalty.
  • Constant monitoring: Intelligent sensor technology continuously measures the air quality and adjusts it if necessary.
  • Transparency: Real-time dashboards and reports for informed decisions and increased confidence among pupils, students, teachers and parents.


In times when well-being in learning environments is becoming increasingly important, the Frischluftmanager is your ideal partner for clean air and satisfied pupils, students, teachers and parents. We offer you simple and effective solutions – rely on our experience to ensure optimum air quality in your school or university.