Optimize your advice around air filters

How maintenance companies can use the Frischluftmanager to find the right air filters for their customers! Provider neutral. Competent. Simple!

The challenge of offering the right filters

Maintenance companies are often faced with the challenge of providing their customers with optimum advice on the variety and properties of air filters. With the Frischluftmanager we bring light into the darkness and support you in the selection and consultation of the optimal filters for every system and every requirement!

1. diversity and individuality

Air filters are available in numerous variants that vary depending on the application and requirements. The Frischluftmanager enables maintenance companies to create a customized filter concept for their customers that is optimally tailored to their needs and facilities.

2. the advantages of the best advice:

Maintenance companies can strengthen their customer loyalty and offer added value to customers with precise and needs-based advice. The Frischluftmanager helps you to find and implement the best filters in terms of air quality, total cost, energy consumption and service life.

3. the right choice and advice:

The Frischluftmanager makes consulting more efficient and targeted. With our platform, you can quickly and accurately recommend the optimal filters to your customers, helping to save costs and maximize air quality.

4. transparent communication:

The Frischluftmanager enables transparent and understandable communication about the selected filters and their benefits. Customers can thus understand and appreciate the improvements and optimizations.


The Frischluftmanager is more than just a filter selection tool; it is a comprehensive partner for maintenance companies to provide their customers with optimal advice and support. It not only improves the air quality and efficiency of equipment, but also strengthens the relationship of trust between maintenance companies and their customers.

Do you want to take customer service and support to the next level? Discover the Frischluftmanager now and experience how you create added value with optimal filter advice!

What the maintenance companies say about our Frischluftmanager

“Thanks to actoVent’s Frischluftmanager, we have significantly simplified our filter procurement and replacement process. The automated ordering, clean, plant-appropriate packaging, and timely delivery of replacement filters are a big win for us. It saves us time and money.”

“The cooperation with actoVent is uncomplicated and reliable. We were impressed by your professional and efficient way of working. The Frischluftmanager helps us save time and resources. We can unreservedly recommend actoVent and their Frischluftmanager and look forward to further cooperation.”

“actoVent always delivers reliably and at the agreed time to our company headquarters or, if requested by us, directly to the maintenance site.”

“We have been relying on actoVent’s Frischluftmanager for several years. The filters required for our customers’ ventilation systems are always delivered to us automatically and in time for the maintenance months stored in the system. It’s a service we don’t want to do without.”

“The actoVent team is professional, knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our satisfaction. I can only recommend actoVent with its Frischluftmanager to any company that wants to improve its processes around filter ordering and availability.”