Filter change made easy

The Frischluftmanager – the right air filters. At the right time. In the right place!

Every owner of a ventilation system knows how important it is to change filters regularly in order to keep the air quality in buildings at a high level. But in practice, this process often proves to be complicated and time-consuming. This is where the Frischluftmanager comes in: Your all-in-one solution for optimized filter changes.

Ordering the air filters in time

One of the biggest advantages of the Frischluftmanager is the automated ordering of air filters. Our innovative platform monitors the condition of the filters and triggers an order in time. This way, you’ll never miss a filter change again and can concentrate on other, important tasks.

Resource-saving and plant-compatible processing

Resources such as personnel, time, energy and materials are important to us. That’s why we focus on resource-saving, effective and efficient reprocessing of your air filters. Less packaging waste, clearly arranged and sorted according to the plant or the filters optimized for your plants are only some of the advantages our service offers you.

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Flexibility in warehousing

Thanks to the Frischluftmanager, you no longer have to worry about storing your air filters. We store the filters for you according to the plant and allow you a flexible call-off within two working days. This increases the efficiency of your maintenance processes and allows you to master unforeseen challenges without any problems.

Individual labeling of the air filters

No more installing the wrong filters or searching for the right filters on site! With the Frischluftmanager you benefit from individual labeling of your filters. This way you always know which filter is intended for which equipment and for which filter stage, which greatly simplifies and speeds up the changeover process.


The Frischluftmanager is your all-round solution for an efficient and resource-saving process for changing filters in your ventilation or extraction systems.

From timely ordering of air filters, to flexible storage options, to environmentally friendly and plant-appropriate reprocessing – we cover all aspects of filter replacement.

What our customers, the maintenance companies and plant owners say

“The actoVent team is professional, knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our satisfaction. I can only recommend actoVent with its Frischluftmanager to any company that wants to improve its processes around filter ordering and availability.”

“Thanks to actovent’s Frischluftmanager, we have significantly simplified our filter procurement and change process. The automated ordering, clean, plant-appropriate packaging, and timely delivery of replacement filters are a big win for us. It saves us time and money.”

“We, at the Mobiliar Arena in Gümmligen, are thrilled with actoVent and its Frischluftmanager. A sensational product where we are very happy to support!”

“actoVent always delivers reliably and at the agreed time to our company headquarters or, if requested by us, directly to the maintenance site.”

“The cooperation with actoVent is uncomplicated and reliable. We were impressed by your professional and efficient way of working. The Frischluftmanager helps us save time and resources. We can unreservedly recommend actoVent and their Frischluftmanager and look forward to further cooperation.”

“We have been relying on actoVent’s Frischluftmanager for several years. The filters required for our customers’ ventilation systems are always delivered to us automatically and in time for the maintenance months stored in the system. It’s a service we don’t want to do without.”

“actoVent’s Frischluftmanager helps us to keep our customers’ maintenance appointments on time and to comply with the contractually agreed maintenance intervals.”