The Fresh Air Manager – your solution for clean air

With the Fresh Air Manager you can easily control your air quality and optimize its ventilation system at the same time.

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It has never been so easy,

take control of your air quality and optimize your ventilation systems in a resource-saving way!
Poor indoor air quality is associated with poorer health and lower productivity. The constant change in building use causes ventilation systems to consume energy unnecessarily.

Ideal for:

  • Office building
  • Factory buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Private households
  • Hospitals and medical practices
  • Educational institutions, such as schools and universities
  • Gymnasiums and sports facilities

Air quality monitoring helps you:

  • Monitor, measure and analyze your indoor air quality; multiple buildings or rooms possible on one central platform
  • Improve the health, safety and well-being of users
  • Improve productivity and reduce sick leave
  • Reduce energy consumption through demand-driven control and optimization of air handling systems
  • Automatically operate your building management system based on real-time air quality data via the API interface
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The pressure difference monitoring helps you:

  • monitor the air filters in your ventilation system; multiple buildings or plants on one central platform possible
  • Carry out the filter change proactively and in line with requirements
  • Optimize your energy and resource consumption with the right filters and the right time to change them.
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The monitoring systems of the Fresh Air Manager:

An easily scalable solution suitable for buildings and ventilation systems of all types and sizes. In addition to real-time data, we also provide support to help you solve your challenges:

  • easy installation and setup (plug&play), no tools or expertise required
  • Wireless, battery-powered sensors (long battery life)
  • No network access required: pre-configured HUBs with global SIM cards
  • encrypted enterprise IT security from device to cloud
  • Customized dashboards and alerts
  • Real-time data and monthly reporting with optimization support
  • Ideal for building design or retrofitting existing systems
  • Open API for integration with building management systems
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