Air quality in warehouses and logistics halls

The Fresh Air Manager by actoVent – your solution for clean air in warehouses and logistics halls

The challenge of warehouses and logistics halls

Nowadays, modern warehouses and logistics halls must not only be functional, but also meet the requirements for good air quality. This contributes to the productivity and well-being of employees and helps prevent health risks from inhaled pollutants.

The following challenges are of central importance:

  • Fine dust pollution and swirls caused by the movement of goods, abrasion from machines or vehicles, dust pollution from packaging materials, etc. can have a negative impact on air quality in warehouses and logistics halls.
  • Pollution from VOCs (volatile organic compounds) produced during the storage of oils or cleaning agents, as well as the so-called oxyhydrogen gases produced during the charging of batteries, can have a massive negative impact on indoor air quality.
  • Varying building occupancy rates present operators of warehouses and logistics halls with major challenges in operating the halls in an energy- and cost-efficient manner while ensuring good air quality for employees.

From planning to daily or seasonal use of a hall, there are therefore large differences that must be constantly monitored and adjusted.

The solution

This is exactly where the Frischluftmanager comes in:

We measure the current air quality in warehouses and logistics halls and help operators to optimize the complete process around clean air in a resource-saving way.

With innovative measurement technology, we can measure values such as the dynamic pressure difference or the filter loading as well as air quality data such as fine dust (PM1, PM2.5) , CO2, VOC, humidity, temperature and radon, quickly and without costly installations or network connections.

Thanks to the continuous monitoring of the air quality of the building, the Frischluftmanager can control, optimize and automate the process around clean air.

Our “plug-and-play” sensors make retrofitting on the customer’s premises simple and straightforward, and give us the ability to measure where people are.

We are proud to help our customers reduce their energy costs while ensuring good air quality for their employees.

The innovative approach of bringing all parties involved in the clean air process onto one platform ensures an optimal, permanent and independent solution in the interests of hall operators.

Successful implementation of the fresh air manager in warehouses and logistics halls

A successful example is shown by the Denner distribution center in Schmitten (FR). Denner AG wanted to evaluate the current air quality in its warehouses and logistics halls and ensure that the air quality is good for its employees. In addition, the energy costs for ventilation should be optimized.

“Due to the current health and energy situation, we wanted to investigate the air quality in our warehouses and logistics halls. Thanks to the plug-and-play capability of the sensors in the Frischluftmanager, we were able to easily retrofit the hall with additional sensors and evaluate potential improvements. With the dashboards, we can now quickly and easily obtain the relevant air quality values such as particulate matter, CO2 or VOCs. The invisible becomes visible and we can make optimizations in the right places and save energy.

Continuous monitoring will continue to ensure that our employees have good air quality and that energy efficiency is ensured.”

Urs Blaser

Distribution Center Manager Schmitten

Denner AG