Air quality in sports halls

How the Frischluftmanager contributes to better health and athletic performance

In today’s sports culture, athletes and sports enthusiasts spend a lot of their time in gyms. The air quality in sports halls is therefore of central importance, as it has a direct influence on health, well-being and athletic performance. Here are the key findings of a recent study, combined with the benefits of the Frischluftmanager:

The challenge for air quality in sports halls

Health effects:

Many athletes spend many hours in sports halls. The air quality there is therefore crucial for their general health and performance.

Factors such as ventilation, temperature, humidity and the presence of allergens influence the air quality in sports halls.

Productivity and performance:

Poor air quality in sports halls can severely impair physical and mental performance.

In contrast, clean air can promote mental clarity and physical well-being, which leads to better sporting results.

Cognitive function:

Studies have shown that better air quality in sports halls can have a positive effect on cognitive function and reaction time.

Athletes in well-ventilated halls show better cognitive performance and react faster.

Mental well-being:

Good air quality in sports halls contributes significantly to mental well-being and can reduce general stress levels.

Poor air quality, on the other hand, can lead to discomfort and dissatisfaction, which has an impact on motivation and performance.

The solution for air quality in sports halls

Simplicity: Uncomplicated installation thanks to plug & play solutions, ideal for improving air quality in sports halls.

Vendor neutrality: Best solutions regardless of brand loyalty.

Constant monitoring: Continuous control of air quality and adjustments thanks to intelligent sensor technology.

Transparency: Real-time dashboards and reports for informed decisions and increased confidence from athletes and coaches.

At a time when there is an increasing focus on well-being in the sports sector, it is important to make clean air in sports halls a priority. The Frischluftmanager makes this task easier and more effective than ever before.

Sporthalle IAKS Frischluftmanager

What our customers, the operators of sports and multi-purpose halls, say

“We, at the Mobiliar Arena in Gümmligen, are thrilled with actoVent and its Frischluftmanager. From days with children’s sports, when rather less people move in the hall, to days when top sports with more than 2000 spectators are practiced, we always have top air quality in our arena. At the same time, we can still save costs because the equipment is always perfectly adjusted. A sensational product where we are very happy to support!”

Daniel Weber
Managing Director Foundation Youth Development Sport for Kids

Mobiliar Arena Gümmligen (BE)


The actoVent Frischluftmanager offers sports halls a simple and effective solution for air quality management.

By measuring air quality, automated filter optimization and process optimization, the Frischluftmanager helps to ensure good air quality while reducing complexity for hall operators.