Air quality in sports and multipurpose halls

The Frischluftmanager by actoVent – simply clean air in sports and multi-purpose halls

The challenge for air quality in sports and multipurpose halls

Nowadays, modern sports and multi-purpose halls must not only be functional and visually appealing, but also meet the requirements for good air quality. This not only contributes to the well-being of the athletes, artists or audience, but also to the prevention of health risks from inhaled pollutants.

The following challenges are of central importance:

  • Particulate matter pollution during sports due to magnesium or during events due to e.g. Pyrotechnics can have a negative impact on air quality in the halls
  • The varying number of visitors and sporting or recreational events can lead to greatly increased CO2 concentrations or odors, which can have unpleasant and sometimes negative effects on air quality.
  • In addition, operators of sports and multi-purpose halls face major challenges in operating the halls in an energy- and cost-efficient manner while ensuring good air quality for athletes, performers as well as the public, due to the varying occupancy rates of the buildings .

From planning to daily or seasonal use of a hall, there are therefore large differences that must be constantly monitored and adjusted.

The solution for air quality in sports and multipurpose halls

This is exactly where the Frischluftmanager comes in:

We measure the current air quality in sports and multi-purpose halls and help operators to optimize the complete process around clean air in a resource-saving way.

Wireless measuring devices allow values such as CO2, particulate matter, VOC, humidity and temperature to be measured quickly and flexibly in order to determine the need for optimization of existing systems and rooms.

Automatic stocking and procurement of the right air filters, as well as data-based filter optimization, ensure that the right filters are available in the right place at the right time. This makes the Complexity around the topic of clean air for the hall operator significantly reduced!

The approach of uniting all parties involved in the clean air process in the Frischluftmanager ensures a simple, optimal and independent solution for the benefit of hall operators.

The Frischluftmanager supports hall operators in reducing the complexity surrounding clean air and automating processes. The issue of clean air is optimized in the interests of the operators and its users.

What our customers, the operators of sports and multi-purpose halls, say

“We, at the Mobiliar Arena in Gümmligen, are thrilled with actoVent and its Frischluftmanager. From days with children’s sports, when rather less people move in the hall, to days when top sports with more than 2000 spectators are practiced, we always have top air quality in our arena. At the same time, we can still save costs because the equipment is always perfectly adjusted. A sensational product where we are very happy to support!”

Daniel Weber
Managing Director Foundation Youth Development Sport for Kids

Mobiliar Arena Gümmligen (BE)

Sporthalle IAKS Frischluftmanager